1. What is kombucha?

Kombucha is a fermented probiotic beverage that is made of tea, sugar, yeast, and SCOBY. SCOBY is an acronym which stands for Symbiotic Colony Of Bacteria and Yeast. It is beneficial bacteria & yeasts producing a certain type of ferment. Kombucha often taste sour with a little tartness, sparkling and give you the refreshing kick. It is loaded with good probiotics and antioxidants that is proven to have an effective relief from abdominal bloating, gassiness, and constipation which helps our gut stay active and strong.

2. What are the benefits of kombucha?

Kombucha contains great amount of antioxidants and good probiotics. Probiotics provide your gut with healthy bacteria. They help improving gut health & digestion system. Study shows the antioxidants found in kombucha made with green tea have also been increasing metabolic rates and energy expenditure.

3. Does kombucha contains alcohol?

Kombucha fermentation is a process that breaks down sugar into traces of alcohol and carbon dioxide (CO2). Alocha kombucha only contain less than 0.5% of alcohol due to natural biological reaction. There is no extra alcohol added in our kombucha but only naturally occurring traces of alcohol, which is common in many fruits or you can relate it to Kimchi! 

4. Should I shake kombucha before opening?

NO!! It can explode and give you a messy kombucha fountain if it is strongly shaken up before opening. You can give it a gentle swirl before opening to stir up the healthy bacteria and yeast sediment that sometimes settle at the bottom of the bottle.

5. How should I drink my kombucha?

Consume it within 2 weeks after receiving from us for best drinking experience. Don't forget to keep them in the fridge once you gotten them. Best served chilled!

6. How long does my kombucha last? When will it expire?

Kombucha shall be safely stored in the refrigerator at all times as it is a fermented live beverage. The low temperature condition shall slow down the fermentation process. If you left your kombucha in room temperature, it will continue to ferment in the bottle. As it ages, it becomes bolder, more vinegary & tart. Hence, we would suggest to keep it up to 60 days to maintain the taste.

7. Is there sugar in kombucha?

Sugar in kombucha is meant for the SCOBY culture, not you. Upon the first fermentation, sugar content will be 'consumed' by the SCOBY and there is no extra sugar added during the second fermentation. The sweetness you taste in the kombucha are naturally produced by the fruits.

8. Who should avoid drinking kombucha?

Patients who are undergoing chemotherapy and pregnant or breastfeeding women.

9. What is the black string floating in the kombucha? Can I drink them?

Fret not, they are the culture and it is safe to ingest. You don't have to eat/drink them if you are not comfortable to do so. Only true kombucha warriors can handle and consume it.

10. Can my kids consume kombucha?

Yes! Alocha serves fruity kombucha which commonly favoured by people from all age groups. We recommend to start slowly with half a bottle per day and observe how the live cultures react to your gut.

11. Delivery area & delivery fees

We currently only deliver within KL & Selangor. All deliveries shall be scheduled at least 2 days in advance, depending on stocks availability. For more details, browse on our delivery policy.

12. Where to pick-up?

Self pick-up is FREE at PJ SS2 & Subang USJ. Pick-up address will be provided once order confirmed. For more details, browse on our delivery policy.

All in all, STOP SHAKING THE KOMBUCHA!!! Be nice to the booch. Cheers!

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